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January 30 -- February 1

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February 27 -- March 5

Reichstag arson leads to state of emergency

March 5

Reichstag elections: the Nazis gain 44 percent of the vote

March 22

First concentration camp is established in Dachau, Germany

March 24

The Nazis sponsor the Enabling Act

April 1

The Nazis declare a boycott of all Jewish businesses in Germany

April 7

Civil Service Reform – Jews are barred from working in the civil service and are stripped of their equal rights

April 25

School quota system limits the number of Jewish high school and university students in Germany

May 6

Persecution of Jewish researcher, Magnus Hirschfeld, noted expert on sex, sexuality and gender norms

May 10

The Nazis burn thousands of anti-Nazi, Jewish-authored, and other books

July 14

Forced sterilization of German citizens with congenital disabilities begins

July 14

Germany is proclaimed a one-party state

October 14

Germany quits League of Nations and disarmament talks

November 12

The Nazi Party gets 92 percent of the vote in one-party elections